What are the advantages of boots?

Health benefits. Natural wool has a beneficial effect on health: improves blood circulation, massages the foot, avoids hypothermia and so on. In addition, the boots never cause an allergic reaction, so they are ideal for kids of any age.

Good air exchange rates. Wool breathes well, so the baby’s foot will be relieved of moisture and diaper rash that can appear on the skin if the quality of the shoes is low.

Versatility. Boots are ideal for wear on both cold and very frosty days. In addition, these shoes can be useful in the thaw. In this case, the purchase of galoshes will help to avoid wetting the shoes.

Variety of options. On the site you can find shoes made in different style variations, which will allow you to choose a product for every taste. You can order valenki without leaving home, and even with the design that you liked.

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