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History of boots

The history of felt boots begins from the 4th century BC – by this time, archaeologists carry wool products found in Altai during excavations of the Pazyryk kurgan.

The most ancient products from felted wool are carpets and chepraki. This method of processing wool was well known to the nomadic tribes of the Eurasian steppes, as well as to the mountain herders of Tibet, the Pamirs, the Caucasus, and the Carpathians. From felted felt, they sewed warm and durable coverings for the dwelling — felts, felt pillows, bedding, insoles for shoes, and stockings in leather boots. Felt was used as a chain mail and lining under the helmet, and they were sheathed the walls of the fortress so that arrows stuck in it. Thus, it is possible that the hackneyed business penetrated the expanses of Ancient Russia thanks to the neighborhood and constant contacts with the Turkic peoples.

Our story

The history of boots by Bykov in Meleuz has more than a century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the lumbermen were Natalya Vasilyevna’s grandmother and grandfather on the paternal side. They handed over the craft to their six children, but only Natalia’s parents, Father Vasily Fedorovich and mother Maria Porfirievna, were seriously engaged in boots. In the 1960s, they moved from Zlatoust to Meleuz, got a job in the Pimokatny workshop, and at other times were laying felt boots at home. Natalya Vasilyevna well remembers how her mother got up after dark, rolled at home, and then went to work. From her she took over the love of felt boots and extreme diligence, from the age of 8 she learned to roll felt boots, she worked in the pimocate shop in Meleuz, along with her husband, Viktor Nikitovich. Since 1992, since the opening of the PI Bykovs work on themselves. Now about ten people work in the Bykov workshop. Production is clearly divided: the “girls” use the method of dry felting to “collect” blanks of felt from the treated sheep’s wool on felt boots, and the boys do the hard work — they manually form a felt boot on wooden shoes and roll it to the desired size.

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